The Foundation in Support of Local Democracy (FSLD) is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-political, independent and non-commercial organization. The Foundation is the largest non-governmental organization in Poland which supports the development of local governance. At present the Foundation has a network of 14 regional centers with local branches.



Our projects

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Prof. Jerzy Regulski (1924-2015)

It is with great sadness that we inform all our friends and collaborators of the passing of prof. Jerzy Regulski, the President of the FSLD.

13/02/2015more >
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Polish development cooperation - still below the expected level

Alarming news concerning Polish development cooperation. As Grupa Zagranica – a federation of Polish organizations involved in...

19/12/2013more >
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"School of Cooperation": joint project of the FSLD and the Ministry of National Education

Among our new projects, one is especially woth mentioning. "School of Cooperation" which was inaugurated on 24th of October at a...

24/10/2013more >
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Polish CSOs - Transition and State

W invite you to read a report prepared by one of our regular collaborators, Mirek Warowicki. His paper deals with the role and activities of...

03/12/2013more >
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Local Government Reform in Poland

We invite you to read an overview of the Polish local government reform authored by prof. Jerzy Regulski.

28/08/2012more >
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Comments in English

In this section we will be publishing texts written by our experts or by authors associated with organisations and institutions we cooperate...

20/08/2012more >

Important Events

Currently there are no events.
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